Friday, April 11, 2014

Hikari Sushi [& Sake Bar] on H Street [Live!]

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At Hikari Sushi [& Sake Bar], gals and guys with gals or guys can warm up to this place instantly. Bam! You walk in, feel welcomed, have a choice of seating in intimate corners, at a sake bar eclextia*, a traditional high or low two top, or a four top or booth—all in a maze of comfort and pan asian chic on two floors.

What about the sake? They know it's good.
Well—it is—perfectly served warm in an art-asian cantor to stay warm as you sip along and contemplate the goodies on the menu.

Do you think some of us got snoozed into a lower expectation for some of the traditional miso, endamame, maki, noodle fair just because it's good for you?  You're in for a surprise—this place is spectacular. When asked about the awesomely prepared friend rice, they just said simply, "we follow the recipe." Sometimes that's all it takes. Hikari means light in Japanese but we say Hikari Sushi [& Sake Bar] means attention to detail and welcome.

Get carry out or carry yourself in—alone or with friends—and find out how incredibly fresh and deliciously everything is on the menu.

Thanks, Hikari!

We'll be back for sure. Keep the sake light on!

*eclextiaa perfectly mixed crowd of race, age, and sexual orientation.

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Anonymous said...

The staff were very accommodating and friendly! I can't wait to go back!