Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H Street Coffee House & Cafe [East-End Java Anchor]

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Having awesome coffee houses on both ends of the 400 to 1400 block enhances any stroll down H Street. For example, a "for here" or "to go" cup of Jo can boost your lap-topping productivity in solo, inspire better chattergrams with friends, or help you gingerly step into a brisk walk [you know what we mean]. All Legal.

This week we Spot Light H Street Coffee House & Café. They have a wonderful venue with options to peer out to the street, get lost in a corner, or sit by the counter action. The stunning flagstone tiled bar and espresso maker turns on the aesthetics in us, while backed up by nice lighting, photography, and nifty menu.

At 1359 H St NE, the coffee can be light or bold. Your muffins and breakfasty things much the same—all very good, including French Toast-flavored bagels if you want. Now, segue from the French and Guten Tag!

We discovered that the sandwiches and salads come from the Biergarten Haus—a good thing indeed. They're fresh, original creations, one of the salads had radishes—a nice surprise from some of the more traditional small salads you get elsewhere.

Make yourself a regular to any of the coffee houses on H Street indeed. You won't be disappointed. This weekend at that end, another weekend at the other end. Sidamo's or Batter Bowl Bakery you might be next!

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