Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Oh Thank Heaven! 7-11 on H Street [Live!]

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As a hub for many folks coming and going on H Street NE, the 7-11 located in the West side of the H Street Connection "strip" mall provides just what you need for your this and that purchases. Ok, let's not call it a strip mall, that's so suburban—but please don't say ghetto.

Anyway, coffee, slurpees (does anyone get those anymore?), cleaning supplies, car stuff, fire logs, sandwiches, salads, gifts, DVDs, hot dogs, pizza, wings, pockets, rolls, chips, nuts, cookies, and ice cream. What else do you need?

Here's the best part, the GM there provides a professional presence and excellent customer service standards. Not all 7-11's can boast this, leaving the cashiers to make up their own rules. Here, not the case.

He leads by example and makes everyone feel welcome. His staff, mostly of Hispanic origin provide awesome attention to all customers with a smile.

It's a gathering spot for friends in the neighborhood and DC's finest, whether on foot, bike, segue, trike, or cruiser. Everyone welcome!

A nice basic staple amongst the upscale hipster joints, fine dining, and carry-out establishments that line H Street to the East and West.

Psst! They also give free Milkbone treats if you bring your dog and tie up outside.


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