Monday, October 28, 2013

The Hunted! and [H Street's Hunted House]

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You already know that H Street provides experiences for the hunted [and for hunters] but did you know about the Mid-Century Modern and Vintage finds on the 500 Block?  The Hunted House @ 510 H Street NE . . .

Stroll in and be hunted [just kidding, the guy that runs this shop is whimsically handsome and charming] but stay focused and hunt for a nice center piece or accent to your home's decor. You can also go downstairs and shop for vintage clothing for that special occasion on or off H Street.

The inventory continues to change and they'll keep an eye out for something that you want such as a coffee table shaped like a clam—or a skinny mirror with a rattan frame. Whatever you want in the "therapy years" of the 40's, 50's, 60's—all authentic and professionally researched as the real deal.

Take your time, stroll, hunt [ok enough about being hunted] and find something to treasure that smirks at some of your IKEAware . . .