Sunday, October 20, 2013

[Music, People] . . . It makes Smith Commons go wow!

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Can you keep up? Well, we tried after being diverted on a Friday night to the third floor of Smith Commons! Way after the dinner hour—so don't expect luscious food commentary—we'll admit the menu looks awesome and a personal favorite of our President, yes the POTUS a modis [see photo]. He made it a dinner date last year and we can't stop finding pictures of him at the Commons in Google searches. Ok, we the people—yes we're a little smitten as H Street "o" filials.
Now, back to the third floor—Smith Commons. Music, yes good hard-driving variety—soul, oldies, newies, trancy, dancy, they have it all—wonder who's spinning these gems. We have a hunch they catered to the moment or just got lucky with us. Please let us know.
Drinks—oh yeah—they have the best glassware in town and they also fill them with nice tidy concoctions that don't squeeze your purse too much.

Fun and chance spontaneity, you can also relax in a big ole chair if you don't feel like chatting loud at the bar or posing or lingering [not lurking] near the many doorways, stairways, entries, exits, balconies, decks—yes, a little cruise if you want [please leave the handsome bar tender alone]. However, if you're really looking for a time out, you can sit in one of those chairs on the second or third floor and microblog on Twitter and LOL or Like all your friends' Facebook statuses.
Gosh, at one point we ended up dancing the Zumba grind in the aisle! Cheers to all the Smiths and so far from common. [Psst, they have zen oasis restrooms too]

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