Sunday, April 6, 2014

You've Got a Friend at Vic's [The Queen] on H Street

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No matter what night of the week, bumping into a friend on the way to The Queen Vic on H or finding a friend there in a patron, patroness, or bartender, server, or mix of all four works every time. We never heard a bad thing about The Vic—although several bad jokes and some ugly-named foods do surface every once in a while to challenge us. Haggis for example. [You can tell your own bad jokes.]

The bartender can tame any potential disputes with an occasional shot or an adroit conversation about some pilsner from deep across what was once an iron curtain. Speaking of curtains and iron. Wow, the place is incredibly well appointed in the modern flare but does not make anyone feel less than at home.

We visited friends once there, and what were they doing? Sharing spectacularly prepared foods, some healthy choices, some delicate, and some scrumptiously hearty. The place is not just for the British o files. There's something for everyone. All your friends. Going solo always works as well with a premium seat at the bar that might end up being given up for a table with friends.

If you haven't gone, go. If you have, go again!

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