Monday, April 7, 2014

[Batter Bowl Bakery]—Reviewed!

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Get thee to the Bakery, that's the Batter Bowl Bakery on H Street, [Live!]
We had someone get a baguette from them to compliment [or complement] the weekend—either works we think—and wowzaaa, that loaf was Purrrfect . . .

The basics—fresh, hearty, tearable, sharable, and remarkable—starting with an olive dip, then a sandwich, we all had a hunk of that stuff. They do have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and dessert but we thought to start with a Perfect baguette would be a good indication. You know—if you free your mind, the rest will swallow [a stretch].
The BBB can be a romantic spot—with two-tops and light conversation—or just a business lunch or a strolling, casual dinning experience with friends.

You decide. We will definitely go back for the rest of the story! [Live]