Sunday, June 15, 2014

Doctor, Doctor! Give me the Moules [Granville Moore's on H Street]

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Dr. Moore provided pro-bono services, twice weekly, to the sick and less fortunate members of the local community into the '50's on H Street—in the same spot that now serves to anyone who's fortunate enough to step into it's doors. For moules, they're the best dang mussels in town and throughout the whole DMV region—the cure works for those who like them anyway they want with the most awesome hearty recipes from Tequila to Sake and spanning the globe for the rest.
For those not cured by the mussels, they've got you covered with incredibly heart-healthy, slim-friendly, and stand-up-to-any-upscale salads and pub fare. With the best fries! We're glad we ordered the small cuz we wanted to savor all the other goodies. They served as comfort food as we navigated the sauces and exquisite flavors included with the mussels and our crispy duck salad.

Wanna talk about the beer? Medicine for the soul of anyone tall, short, from the west, east, buddhist, hummist, black, yellow, green with envy, and all ages. We saw a happy baby bouncing from arm to arm at a hipster table sipping beers as old folks contemplated the body and finish of a tall bottled beer of some sort or another. Cast away your traditions, and get thee to the Doctor, that is Dr. Granville Moore's ASAP, or suffer your own illnesses for another season!

Great place and don't let the decor distract you unless you're ADD or ADHD with or without H or something like that. Get lost in the place and you'll never forget.

Thanks to Dr. Granville Moore!

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