Sunday, May 4, 2014

Chupacabra /ˌCHo͞opəˈkäbrə/ = Ugly Delicious Homemade Latin Tacos

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What the heck. By truck or by canopy, you can have fresh homemade Latin tacos any time you want in Washington DC. Chupacabra does not disappoint. They also do arepas and rice and been bowls and the ultimate pork and yucca combo.

Don't try to get all fancy on it either. They serve it in "service ware," so there's no square or rectangular artisan dishware—just red plastic baskets, aluminum foil for tacos, napkins. plastic utensils. From the truck that makes perfect sense. From the brick and mortar off 9th and H, it's like a carry out but great outdoor seating and tableside service with European sharing of tables—hybrid dining. Be nice.

Went with a great friend over the weekend. If you like a good Dos Equis or other standard beer you're in luck. The margaritas are premix frozen. They have plenty of disclaimers about this but some folks just like the frozen buzz any way they can get it.

The place was crowded. Yelp reviews are awesome. Do it.

PS. Ugly Latin tacos are a really good thing!

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