Tuesday, December 18, 2012

[A Review of Steak & Ice] . . .and HSL has 70 new Likes! and Pages!


After one week [and a day], we've achieved quite a bit of momentum! 70 Likes and growing - several establishment's pages have "Liked" us and we've covered many of the busineses on H Street. OK enough about us, what about you? What do you think about our first review?

Last night, we checked out Steak & Ice after their weekend apologies.

What a cool place! Eat in or carry out. Lot's of choices for the sophisticated and for the classic Cheesesteak or Chick or Mush or Eggplant kinda folks. You can have the Hoagie style or garlic infused spinach—sauce or no sauce.

YUM! Some cautions and some comments—light hot peppers turned out similar to when you orded Thai Food for the first time and the server covered their mouth and giggled when you said you like it spicey. That was too hot! Sweat swish, don't wipe your eyes within hours. And, the music, I didn't hear any? A good sound system goes a long way when people are waiting for crafted foods. Ok, one more, searing the bun on the grill used to be a required final step for any good cheesteak from Philly. However. Some folks don't want eggplant grease in their rib-eye steak. So that's a challenge.

H Street Live! says come and get one!  [Oh, the decor is very cool, modern, creative].We want to go again and again. Awesome fries [too]!!!

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