Friday, December 14, 2012

H Street Live! [First Weekend]


H Street Live! FAQs
1) What was the inspiration behind this venture?

After a fun brunch at the Red and the Black, with awesome food and friends, live entertainment, and a walk back home, the domain name came to mind, we registered it and away we go! We're also @hstreetlive on Twitter!

Knowing that the Red and Black will be closing and having had two incredibly fun times there on the spur of the moment, the thought of supporting ALL establishments on H Street became even more compelling. [YAY]

2) What is H Street Live!

HStreet Live! is . . .
Where you want!
When you want!
What you want!
@ H Street NE 

Pssst! The logo has three images—one for location, one for time, and one for checking you like!

3) Why H Street Live!

We do good [well]!
H Street is HOT
We like food,
and dance,
the street,
the muse!

Some Stats

  • We have 60+ Facebook Likes and growing . . .
  • We Like 50+ H Street Corridor establishments . . .
  • We want YOUR Feedback . . . Join in the FUN!


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