Monday, March 11, 2013

Argonaut Anchors H Street from the East [Live!]

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Sometimes we judge places by "anchor stores"—like Macy's or Bloomingdale's—and sometimes we have ship-like restaurants that act as anchors for our well being.  The Argonaut from the East for H Street [Live!] works. We'll have to talk about the West another time.

As one of the first and longest running restaurant establishments for wannabes on H, the Argonaut holds a beacon for all who enter the corridor. We went on a kids-night Wednesday and had more fun than Chuck E Cheeses! [sorry Chuck]. The place caters a bit more to the sophisticano-istas—parents and friends of parents and people who aren't parents yet all with a palette for fresh food—carefully crafted—and beers! You know, the trendy draughts, ales, IPAs, and so on—they have something for everyone and a full bar. Who gets distracted by a few kids, some balloons, and a whoopsie doopsie here and there? [not sure what that would be exactly but you get the point]

We had the Steamer Combo (see photo below), Fish Tacos, and started with Nachos—all superb. We were spoiled by our looks-like-he-works-on-a-ship server who kept us in good beer, light conversation, and even took our picture. Maybe he was a pro from kids night. Doesn't matter. We absolutely loved our experience and the ambiance even without having kids of our own.

We also heard when the weather is nicer, you can bring your kids and your dogs. Oh my, what's next—parrots! The food alone keeps you coming back while knowing you don't always have to hire a sitter or leave your dog to tear up the couch.

The Argonaut—as H Street's primo anchor—rocks!!!

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