Monday, March 18, 2013

Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan - Genghis Khan's Bar and Grill [on H!]

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Who's hungry for the best wings on H Street [Live!]? Maybe a mixed grill with shrimp, veggies, and sauces?

Go to Khan's Bar and Grill. What a nice mix of Asian fusion, Sports Par, Pub and interactive dining [not sure what that means exactly] but you participate in how it's prepared.
They also have these really tall liters of beer draughts at your table if you want. Reminds some folks of college in a good way somehow or just the neighborhoody—yes you can wear a hoody to dine herekind of way.

The outdoor dining is 'da bomb' cuz you can bring your dog, and chat with people walking by or next to you. They have tables and patio couches. You can also people watch on the corner of 12th and H, the crossroads of many who attend H Street for libation and dining. Saturday after noon, any evening, all work well!

Always something good here for everyone. Bring your friends who might be picky about food—all can be satisfied as veggies, herbivores, carnivores, reverborars, hedgorvares, pescavegans, beers-are-ours, and so on. A nice place that rounds out the wonderful choices on H Street [Live!]

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