Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ethiopic Easter [Live on H Street]

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When plans fall through or when they don't, an awesome meal at the Ethiopic does not disappoint! We did not know where to go after our Easter Brunch plans fell through because of this and that and who knows what. Try getting reservations at the Ebbit Grill on the fly. No! That's when we turned to Ethiopic on H Street [Live]

They do Ethiopian Cuisine in a light, airy anchor of H Street at the beginning on the 400 block. The place is very clean, spacious, and just what we needed.

When they bring that big round plate of goodies and the hand-held spongy bread in a basket we went wild. We also liked the heated tower of food that came and the look of the pesca at the table next to us. Dang, we should have ordered seafood too.

What we had was scrumptious and on a post-holiday diet, we wanted to pack up everything that was not devoured and bring with us but we knew better. The ambiance and moment was captured. We'll  be coming back for more instead of taking home the very little bit that we did not eat.

We're pretty sure they don't allow utensils—so they provide a nice little training session on how to eat Ethiopian food for those who are a bit shy.


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