Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sharia Might Like This, Rock the Cusbah! [Live on H Street]

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Ok, Sharia don't like it, "Rock the Casbah!" but this is the Cusbah, Sharia might like it! At least we did, a couple of non-rockin' mixed religion and race, adopted third and forth generation wannabe old money, had the should-have-been normal, kinda Cherokee in there somewhere kinda folks—Saturday night couple on H Street [Live!]—probably gay or straight or a little in between. We liked the drinks!

Cusbah, right on the corner of 12th and H. Yes, food, jazz, company, a good sound system—sometimes live, sometimes damn good selections by the VJ, DJ, or maybe just a mix from Pandora. Who knows? So we had a lovely time, the whole experience, flexible, real, incredibly good food, drinks, and company.

Here's the deal, they do South Asian like—if it ain't good we're fired. The most incredibly scrumptious standards like samosas and palak paneer all done exquisitely and served with an unassuming, this ain't no steam table "ish." This stuff is better than your Grandma's—and please don't slap her—we're just doing what we know is right live on H Street.

Did you see the summer time pass-through bar to the street at this place? It was cold and not open in March. But OMG, sipping jalapeño seasoned drinks on a hot day there? Who cares about Casablanca romance—we're not even close—if you can have it all on H Street any time you want!

We do, and want you to do too. Next time, we'll wait 'till the base playa (see photo, probably not a playa) warms up for live jazz on a Thursday night or Reggae on a Sat true dat day instead of being diverted by all the other stimulation on H Street. Make up your mind, gosh darn it!!!

Kudos to Cusbah!

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