Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sidamo's - Longest Running Coffee Place on H [Live]

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A new pioneer of the beginning of the re-re renaissance de H Street Corridor—looks like Sidamo has been alive since the 50's—but no, so many places had to survive 60's riots and most didn't including this one.

Anyway, off topic a bit or dead on, kudos to Sidamo's for setting the tone on H Street's newness! We think over eight years and running with loyal clientele, the most awesome coffee—and daily coffee ritual Ethiopian style—with more wonderful selections of morning and lunch tidbits. They even do vegan.

The owner—unassuming and dedicated—should be proud of this place and it shows. You don't get the occasional transient workers there that might just not be into it. Instead, you get the highest quality service in a definitely quixotic, neighborly old world charm. Dog friendly outside and you might even flirt just a bit. No rush though, there's no need to run here thinking you're going to score [you know what we mean, however you might get your caffeine on here before doing elsewhere, right?].

Patronize all the coffee shops on H but make sure you put them on a schedule [Live!] Sidamos, Sidamos, Sidamos. . . a region in SW Ethiopia famous for coffee among other things.

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