Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dogs + Cats + Snakes? Oh my........

Finding a good vet for your family pet can be a daunting task.  Seems that can be more difficult than finding a good doc for your human family.  And often they can be a ways from home.  If you live on Capitol Hill, here's a great solution:  atlas vet. 
atlas vet store front

Check out their website here.  You'll find an easy navagateble to use site.

With a handy "for clients" page that has a portal to your pet's records, "Fluffy's" info and medical history will always be at your fingertips.  You can also order medications (with a delivery service!) or fill out new patient forms. 

Read about the Vets that practice there, get an overview of services provided and find contact information.  Make an appointment and treat you and your pet to a great vet experience!

Here's a picture of a smiling patient, post exam.  Chuck E. is a great pooch, but can be a little grumpy.  If they can make him smile and wag his tail, the docs at atlas vet are where to take your pet!

And, you'll find it all Live [on H Street]!

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