Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wanna start a conversation?

Then add some art to your walls!  Art is a great conversation break the ice, swim out of an uncomfortable political discussion, or just for fun.  And does [H Street] have art!  Meet Kristal.  Okay, not actually meet, but read about.  She's a local artist with a thriving business called Locs of Sage.  You can check out her FB page here.

She also is a talented artist who has brought her  
drawings out to the public.  This is a drawing
from her "Untitled" series.  It's got a tribal feel to it and would look great dressing up your living room wall, right?

Want to see more?  Check out our Snapshots blog for more of her "Untitled" series.  She also has an Instagram gallery, @logsofsage, for you to peruse more of her work.

Interested in seeing some up close and personal?  Send Kristal an email to make an appointment at   Happy art hunting!

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