Thursday, July 11, 2013

Your Weekend Play List

We have your [Live] weekend play list!  H Street is the street.  For good food, music, fun, friends, a stroll, look no further than your own neighborhood.  It's all here and this weekend there's music galore for you to hear.  But don't wait for the weekend.  There are a plethora of choices tonight.  It's the unofficial start of the weekend, anyway.

Start at HR-57 with drinks and their weekly jam session. 
Groove with some Jazz and Blues starting at 8 pm.
Grab a friend, get a drink and feel the relaxation start
washing the stress away.

After some jamming, head on to The Argonaut for some Bluegrass.  They have a slew of bands playing Bluegrass on a rotating basis.  Grab your dinner here while you swing to the Bluegrass vibe.

After drinks, dinner and some dessert, head to Atlas Performing Arts for some swinging Blues.  The U.S. Army Blues is playing their jazz festival sounds for you starting at 10:30.   Feel the weekend blowing gently at your back?  Yeah?  Cool. 

We've got you covered, for food, music and fun all [Live on H Street]!

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