Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Take a Walk....

Or more to the point.....let your dog take a walk without you.  No, no ~ not without a leash.  Give your precious pooch a mid-day break with a walk from Metro Mutts.  It's no fun for Fido to be locked up all day while you're at work so you can bring home the kibble.  So give him or her a break. 

Persnickety pet that you worry about with someone new?  No problem!  Metro Mutts can handle that persnickety pal of yours.  Honest!  How do I know?  Well, let me introduce you to Chuck E [aka The Professor].  The Professor is a beautiful dog, but
The Professor on watch
can be a bit, um.....anxious.  He's also very much a one-man dog.  The Professor loves Metro Mutts dog walkers!  He doesn't even mind when his person takes a trip.  [Okay, he minds, but not as much with his Metro Mutts pal visiting].

Need some special meow time for the cat in your life?  Metro Mutts also provides Cat sitting services

You can also find all the toys, food, chews, beds and creature comforts your special family members could want.  The best thing?  Fido or Fluffy can join you in the store to pick out their favorite things. 

Metro Mutts even offers events for your pals!  Check out their website here for more information about events, products and services available.  You'll be so glad to have Metro Mutts in the [ H Street Hood]!

And just for kicks, get to know more about the Professor.  He's a famous pooch in the H Street hood.  Check out his musings here and be amazed at who he knows.  And remember, The Professor loves [Metro Mutts]!